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While the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been available for commercial users since 2011, the Domestic RHI is only now being launched with substantial financial benefits for homeowners. The legislation has been finalised and put before Parliament ready for a Spring launch. More general details on the operation of the scheme can be found on our Government Assistance Page. The final, detailed wording on the scheme can be found here.


About Cosmos Energy

The majority of properties (domestic and commercial) can benefit from a wide range of renewable energy systems to provide heat or to generate electricity. Systems are designed to harness energy from the environment so that your running costs are reduced, whilst benefiting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Government financial assistant schemes will further ensure you benefit financially.

Cosmos Energy designs and installs a wide range of renewable energy systems. We also provide advice through to a full project management and consultancy service. We offer troubleshooting aud its to property owners and to other industry professionals such as architects, builders and other installers.

Cosmos Energy specialises in:

We also give comprehensive advice and assistance covering the regulations and government financial assistance schemes available now or which are due to be introduced in the near future. These will substantially improve the financial benefit for owners of renewable energy systems.

We also provide predicted performances for both proposed and existing systems.

The Trustmark Code of Conduct and Consumer Charter as well as our membership of The Renewable Consumer Code (RECC) can give you confidence in our intentions and conduct. Furthermore we have comprehensive insurance cover in case of any unforeseen problems.

We are MCS accredited installers for solar photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems and heat pumps (air, water and ground source).

This website gives an introduction to Cosmos Energy and the different technologies, financial incentives and regulations used in smaller renewable systems, specialising in domestic or small industrial systems. To find out how you can benefit, please contact us at

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